FungistVGM are offering Game developers and content creators music for their projects.

I can offer small productions for simple projects or big productions for large projects.

My ambition is to be a good choice and easy to work with. My music style is usually very melodic and are very inspired by oldschool videogames.
I can make many different types of genres and has access to thousands of different sounds.

 I have a smart workflow and can get music done in a steady phase.

Are you working on a oldschool rpg game? a platformer or maybe a space  shooter? or just a simple arcade game? 

Dont hesitate to contact me on "Hire" or download some Music packs from the store.


Listen to examples on Spotify!

Check out FungistVGM Spotify and listen to "Simple Nostalgia Musicpack"

Simple Nostalgia Part1

Simple Nostalgia Part2

Simple Nostalgia Part3

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...