Tailored music for your game only!

We work together until you have exactly the results you need. 

Hire me for your project! 
All products will be unique and you will own all the rights on the files.
Lets work together and make your project sound incredible. Get in touch below!

Prices depends on the music you need.
Do you need full progressive tracks with buildups, different melodic parts, alot of variation

and the correct atmosphere, tense, cheerful, or a pumping 5 minute psytrance track for your boss fight?
or do you just need a very simple melody, chords, short looping track?

If you are on low budget, we can agree on some cheaper productions, shorter tracks that loops.

Or if you want in depth music with details, and a good amount of layers to set the perfect atmosphere?

Contact me, tell me what you are looking for.

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