Simple Nostalgia

Music Pack


"Simple Nostalgia" is the perfect music pack for game developers that want unique memorable melodies.
For game developers that like the sound from oldschool games but dont want it in full 8bit.
With some modern sounds blended in with a few sounds from the good old days, 
"Simple Nostalgia" will bring your game right where you need it.

The FULL "Simple Nostalgia" pack contains 30 simple nostalgic tracks with memorable melodies that will stick with the player for a long time to come.

Depending on your level design, this music pack will deliver all the right sounds for every level of your game.

Menu Sounds.png

Zenneth Menu
Cursor sounds


Over 150 sounds for your game's menu

The different sounds are split into 4 categories:

-"Click" (For moving cursor etc)

-"Confirm" (For accepting, entering, or confirming a choice in the menu)

-"Negative" (Back, escape, cancel, or similar actions

-"Jingle" (Bonus sounds)